The Alumni Association of Chinese Theological College Australia (CTCA Alumni Association) was formally established on 13th March 2017. Its purpose is to provide a platform for the CTCA graduates of the degree courses awarded by the Australian College of Theology to continually support their alma mater and to encourage one another.

Its objectives are to encourage the alumni to care about the training of God’s servants, to provide support for the development of their alma mater, to become a channel of communication between the alma mater and the alumni, and to nourish the fellowship and care among the alumni, in the spirit of loving God, the Church and the alma mater.

To accomplish the above, CTCA Alumni Association will strive to:

  1. encourage graduates to work with one another in their different positions of ministry, to be one another’s watchman, and to care for one another.
  2. care and pray for CTCA’s development, and to be directly involved in promoting and developing the College’s various activities in theological education.
  3. plan and hold activities aligned with the Association’s objectives.

Welcome to click here to read the Constitutions of CTCA Alumni Association.

Membership Requirements:

  1. CTCA graduates with a bachelor or master degree (or above) may apply to be full members.
  2. CTCA graduates with a diploma or graduate diploma may apply to be associate members.
  3. Associate members who continue on to enrol in bachelor or master degree courses will have their membership temporarily inactivated for the duration of their study, and may upon graduation apply for full membership.
  4. Only applicants confirmed by CTCA as having completed their relevant courses will be considered.

Interested applicants please download the application form here.