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Australian College of Theology (ACT) Courses

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ACT Program - Certificate in Theology with a specialisation in Christian Leadership

The course is intended to further the education of adults in relation to Christian faith and life. Its aim is to stimulate the interest of alert and enquiring minds. What is required is not so much academic scholarship as an understanding of Christian theology and its implication for contemporary life.
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CTCA Program - GATP

This is an extension program specially designed and awarded by CTCA for the group of Christians who have rich life experience and are keen to learn. It caters for those Christians aged 50 or above, or those who intend to serve in the “Golden Age” ministry.
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Latest News

1. Academic Conference – The Academic Conference “Chinese Church in Context – Voices from Downunder” hosted by CTCA and sponsored by the Australian College of Theology (ACT) was held smoothly on 10th September 2022. The presentation slides of the 5 speakers in PDF format are available for download on our webpage - Academic Conference 2022.

2. Dedication Camp-cum-Open Day – It is scheduled for 2pm to 9pm on Saturday 8th October 2022 at Christ College. The theme is “Why Theological Training?” All are welcome to attend, particularly those who are seeking God’s will, eager to understand God’s calling, considering full time ministry or intending to study theology. Please see our webpage Events for details.

3. New Course - With the approval of the Australian College of Theology (ACT), we will launch the “Certificate in Theology with a specialisation in Christian Leadership” course next year. It aims to help the believers understand Christian theology as well as spiritual leadership. Please refer to the webpage Certificate in Theology with a specialisation in Christian Leadership for details.

4. CTCA Golden Age Training Program - Module 6 (online class taught in Cantonese) will commence on 8th October 2022 and application now opens. Please refer to the webpage Golden Age Training Program for details.

5. Online Donation – An "Online Donation" platform has been set up on our website for the convenience of the public to make donations by credit card in support of our teaching ministry.

6. Appeal for Office Acquisition – Thank God for His wonderful guidance that we acquired a commercial property on 15th July 2020 as our office. After fundraising for 2 years, we still need to appeal for donations with a target of $240,000 for the 2nd half of 2022 to repay the loan. Offering via "Online Donation" or by using "School Building Fund Donation Form" is most welcome and can be tax deductible.

7. College/Theological Education Sunday – Welcome to book a date for the 2nd half of Year 2022 and for Year 2023. Those interested please contact Mrs Winnie Yeung, our Administrative Officer, via email to


2022 Dedication Camp-cum-Open Day
14:00 - 21:00
Christ College, 1 Clarence Street, Burwood NSW 2134
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